Purple Flag

Leicester city centre has been awarded the prestigious Purple Flag accreditation for its evening and night-time economy (ENTE).

The Purple Flag award recognises the city as a vibrant destination for dining, entertainment and culture between the hours of 17:00 and 05:00, while promoting the safety and wellbeing of visitors and local residents.

The accreditation process in Leicester has been led by a partnership of city organisations including BID Leicester, Leicester City Council, Leicestershire Police and The Safer Leicester Partnership.

Achieving Purple Flag accreditation is just the first step! BID Leicester has committed to continued support of the ENTE sector through several initiatives taking place this year.

Promoting Evening & Night Time Economy Businesses

These activities are focused on supporting the marketing efforts of ENTE businesses, and selling Leicester’s as a safe, vibrant and varied night-time destination.

  • We have commissioned a series of promotional videos to showcase the very best of Leicester at night. These will be promoted through social media, and be available for businesses to use through their own channels.
  • We will look at establishing the Best Bar None scheme in the city to help reduce crime, reward excellence and raise standards of licenses premises.
  • We will explore setting up a Restaurant Week style event in the city. In other cities, Restaurant Week events are successful in celebrating the range of food venues in the city and encouraging customers to try something new.

Supporting Evening & Night Time Economy Businesses

These activities are focused on supporting the operational side of businesses who operate in the ENTE.

  • We will provide training that is relevant to staff who work in the evening and night time economy. This might include topics such as first aid and conflict management.
  • We will give financial support to businesses to encourage them to join Leicester’s City Watch Radio scheme.

Safeguarding Customers who come to Leicester at night

These activities are to ensure Leicester is a safe and welcoming place for visitors and residents when they are out in the city in the evening.

  • We have given financial support to the city’s Street Pastor scheme. Street Pastors are out on the streets every Saturday night. They offer practical support, whether that be flipflops for those who have “tired” feet, water for those feeling unwell or lollipops to bring a joyful attitude!
  • We will fund a trained medical professional to work at the City Bus run by the Safer Leicester Partnership. The City Bus will be place in Leicester City Centre on evenings when footfall is high to help safeguard members of the public.

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