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BID Leicester

The development of BID LEICESTER has been driven by the BID Steering Group, which is made up of people from businesses within the city centre.

We want the BID to be inclusive so the proposed BID covers all business sectors in the city centre. We feel that this approach matches the ambition of a city the size of Leicester.

The ballot will take place in Autumn 2017.

What are the aims of BID Leicester?

No city can thrive without a successful centre. The aim of the BID is to help businesses in the BID area address some of the challenges they currently face.

From our initial research the following key themes emerged:

  • Improving the overall visitor and resident experience
  • More effective marketing to drive footfall and sales, and
  • Providing businesses with a strong voice, support and engagement

We are currently consulting with businesses on their priorities within these themes and based on feedback the Steering Group will shape the Business Plan and what the BIDs priorities will be.

Ultimately, BID LEICESTER will aim to build on the momentum generated by the city’s recent international attention.  We hope to ensure that Leicester continues to grow and is among the foremost cities in the UK to live, work, shop, study and do business.

The Proposed BID area incorporates the majority of the city centre:

Proposed Leicester BID area
List of streets
List of streets included in the proposed BID Leicester area:

Abbey Street, Albion Street, Ann Street, Applegate, Bath House Lane, Belgrave Gate, Belvoir Street, Berridge Street, Bishop Street, Blake Street, Blake Walk, Bowling Green Street, Burleys Way, Burton Street, Butt Close Lane, Campbell Street, Cank Street, Careys Close, Carts Lane,Calais Hill, Calais Street, Causeway Lane, Chancery Street, Charles Mall, Charles Street, Chatham Street, Cheapside, Church Gate, Church Street, Clock Tower Mall, Colton Square, Colton Street, Coronation Place, Darker Street, Dover Street, Dunkirk Street, East Bond Street, East Gates, East Street, Every Street, Fox Lane, Fox Street, Free Lane, Freeschool Lane, Friar Lane, Gallowtree Gate, Garrick Walk, Granby Place, Granby Street, Gravel Street, Grey Friars, Guildhall Lane, Halford Street, Haymarket, High Street, Highcross Lane, Highcross Street, Horsefair Street, Hotel Street, Humberstone Gate, Humberstone Mall, Humberstone Road, Kemble Gallery, Kemble Square, Kildare Street, Kildare Walk, King Street, London Road, Loseby Lane, Lower Free Lane, Lower Hill Street, Malcolm Arcade, Mansfield Street, Marble Street, Market Place, Market Place Approach, Market Place South, Market Street, Marlborough Street, Midland Street, Millstone Lane, Morledge Street, New Street, New Walk, New Walk Place, Newarke Street, Northampton Street, Odeon Arcade, Park Street, Peacock Lane, Pocklingtons Walk, Queen Street, Royal Arcade, Rupert Street, Rutland Street, Sandacre Street, Shires, Shires Lane, Shires Walk, Short Street, Silver Arcade, Silver Street, Silver Walk, South Albion Street, Southampton Street, Southgates
St George Street, St Georges Way, St Martins, St Martins East, St Martins Square, St Martins Walk, St Martins West, St Nicholas Place, St Peters Lane, Stamford Street, Station Street, Swain Street, The Gateway
Theatre Mall, Town Hall Square, Upper Brown Street, Vaughan Way, Victoria Parade, Waterloo Way, Welford Place, Welford Road, Welford Walk, Wellington Street, Wycliffe Street, Yeoman Lane, Yeoman Street, York Road, York Street

Belgrave Gate – odds from 1-37, evens from 2-74
Burleys Way – between Abbey Street and Church Gate
Humberstone Road – odds from 1-23, evens from 2-42
King Street – evens from 2-24, odds from 1-33
London Road – number 48 and Leicester Railway Station only
New Walk – odds from 1-53, evens from 2-78
St Georges Way – odds number 1 only, evens from 2-6
The Gateway – De Montfort University only
Waterloo Way – odds from 1-31, evens number 2 only
Welford Road – odds from 1-13,
Vaughan Way – evens from 4-108
York Road – odd numbers only

How much would I have to pay and how often?

Typically businesses within Business Improvement Districts contribute 1-1.5% of their rateable value. However, businesses with the lowest rateable value will be exempt. Again, the proposed BID Leicester base levy will be set by the Steering Group from analysis of feedback but the table below shows what businesses can expect to invest based on a 1.25% contribution:

Rateable Value Annual Investment Weekly Investment
£20,000 £250 £4.81
£50,000 £625 £12.02
£100,000 £1250 £24.04
£500,000 £6250 £120.19

Payments would be made annually.

A successful BID in Leicester City Centre gives a much needed voice to Businesses on the issues that matter locally. Leicester has had great success in the last few years and an increased footfall means that getting the environment right for our residents and visitors is more important than ever. The BID will only help with this and continue to ensure Leicester goes from strength to strength. After witnessing the positive roll out of BID’s across the country, I am excited to see the value the BID will add to our City.

Rachelle Welsh

Local Business Manager, Santander

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